We based our project on the Open Source project Twine.

We based our story on the mythos of Atlanata the token Greek Heroine. Her Story.

What it does

We made an open source, choose your own adventure, browser based game. In Atalanta you play as Atlanta, a girl starting her first day in a new school. She grew up with STEM, but some of her classmates can't see past the female stereotypes. You can choose to make allies and stand up for her.

What's next for Antifreeze Bears: Atalanta

During this hackathon there were several points we didn't achieve for our project and would like to implement in the future:

  • The story extending to a week
  • Audio component for accessebility
  • Character assets when having one on one conversations
  • Tutorial "day" to teach mechanics of the game and time traveling bear.

Built With

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