We were inspired by the Gamification challenge, and decided to create a game that can be incorporated into Orlando Magic's existing mobile app. We wanted to increase continued app engagement with Orlando Magic fans, by creating a game that combines trivia with predictions so fans can be involved not just at game-time.

What it does

The game combines trivia questions and prediction questions to enable fans to earn rewards, collect Magic Money and win prizes. The simple design of the game means that it can be used not only by Orlando Magic, but other teams and other sports as well, just by changing the logo and color scheme. It can be utilized as a stand-alone app or integrated into a sports team app.

How we built it

We approached it in 4 categories, Management, Design, Implementation and Communication. Management allowed whoever was using the Product to manage all the required information without any technical expert assisting them. The design that we have created makes for a great user experience and allows the user to immerse themselves in the application. The application should be accessible to as many people as possible and is using the correct technology to reach them in the shortest amount of time. Our communication layer will allow us to expand beyond mobiles into wearables, television and whatever the future holds.

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