Combatting depression as it effects everyone even if only indirectly and affects the potential for human flourishing.

Depression is a debilitating condition which requires careful attention and so we aim to introduce scientifically-based design choices to best suit the needs and opinions of mental health care professionals.

Who is the team

A diverse group of Hackers, developers, communicators and designers

What it does

Ami-app seeks to provide data-driven insights to mental heath-care professionals about their patients in between sessions. By delivering a platform that can easily be refined by scientific knowledge from the world of psychology, we wish to see this application grow to be useful for professional therapists and patients alike.

Who is it aimed at?

Paying market ($£€¥) Psych pain Psychiatrist formerly depressed patient ( and anyone else ! )

Why ?

  • follow up
  • Stability
  • progression
  • pride (+ alert if crisis )

How ? By offering a warm, caring, friendly interactive app to patients undergoing therapy, we provide their psychologists/psychiatrists with data driven insights for the often long periods in between visits.

  • interactive
  • companion
  • "Talk to self" - uses nuance communication latest API
  • Q + A
  • Report

How we built it

We tried to do a reactive meteor website with mongodb but it had problems so we redid the backend and finally settled on nodeJS and deployed it with Heroku. We are still integrating NLU technology but development is under way.

What's next for Ami-app

At wearhacksMTL 2015, team Ami-app is leveraging Nuance's Natural Language Understanding technology to deliver an application prototype poised to enhance patient care in the mental healthcare profession.

Therefore, moving forward, we wish to deliver a platform upon which the scientific community can participate in iterating the application towards an effective treatment enhancing solution. This technology integrates seamlessly with existing text-based medical software developed in Montreal in the psychiatric field.

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