The new reality of social distancing is a difficult challenge for adults, but how do you explain it to kids? And how can a child judge what two meters looks like? Nadine and Marc have come up with an inspired solution to help as all through the next months.

No one gets too close to a chomping alligator and this arealligator in on your side to protect your safe area. All you do is point and measure using ultra-sonic: the eyes blink red when you are too close, green when you are okay.

The alligator can be worn as a bracelet as a simple distance tool, but it is more valuable when seen as a multidadatic tool.

Fit a “key” inside, and your child can enter the layers of their alligators’s world. Link to education. Link to important Government and school messages. Link to an official forum where kids can send it their questions and read answers they will understand.

Further envisaged iterations include bluetooth connections, battery recharger, a GPS tracker for parents.

Kids can feel safe from the bad virus and confident outside of the home with arealligator protection.

Challenges we ran into:

  • To skip a lot for the first version, to decide not to go with the app and platform to not complicate things. We believe the value of the potential is clear.
  • To shorten the video :)
  • To wake up after 3h sleep before the submission deadline
  • To find the momentum where the creation has to stop for a moment and to focus on the presentation

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

To bring an amazing team together and orchestrate uncountable tasks. How we could integrate to work with our kids, since the product is from kids, for kids. The quality and workload for only three days and 100% remote! How efficient we moved on. That our love for the project is visible. The value we could give to a simple technical device - with a bold vision and different perspectives.

What we learned:

How blessed we are to work with such amazing people, how great the hackathon community is, and how fast a team can move forward if there is a clear vision, communication, and motivation. You can more accomplish remote than we thought. To plan, communicate, execute.

What's next for Arealligator

  • Incorporating (started)
  • Trademark Register (started)
  • Funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • Getting support and feedback from institutions
  • PR & Marketing campaigns
  • Teaming with tech team for App & Platform development
  • Development & optimizing
  • Production & Sale
  • Adding more animals and concepts

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