You must escape the building filled with monsters created by the alien virus. You must also avoid becoming infected yourself

What it does

Users start the game and are put in the level surrounded by monsters. They have a gun and must shoot their way out to escape

How I built it

Unity was the game engine of choice. Csharp was used to program it and Adobe Illustrator was used to create all the images.

Programmer: After setting up the project, I made a simple player movement script, then a simple enemy ai script to follow the player. Added collisions and walls, fail state on collision with enemy (you become infected). Added 2 different types of guns to kill the monsters with. The final part was building the level

Designer: Meanwhile, I chose the color palette. Then made three different types of aliens (though we could only include of them), the user's avatar, walls (that weren't added), and doors (that also weren't added). My last creation was the virus that spawned the icky aliens. It's rather cute though that didn't get added either.

Challenges I ran into

Two teammates that we thought would be committed were not :( We had to create the game with only two people. Time constraints: didn't have time to implement all features we wanted

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're really proud that we created a finished prototype!

What I learned

Our designer learned how to create sprites and our programmer grew in his Unity and Csharp knowledge.

What's next for Alien Virus Shooter Time

The first steps is polishing what we have already. We have a working game, but we need to add animations, small particle effect on bullet collision, and sound. We also need to make a menu screen. After that, we'd like to include more levels, more shooters, more variety in the enemies, and more fun challenges! More is awesome!

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