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Week 3 deliverable:

Prototype of the Solution

We have prototyped our solution with two developments:

  1. An Ethereum Distributed Autonomous Journal (DAJ) contract. An Ethereum contract to govern distributed journals has been developed to show the information architecture and logic behind our proposal. The Solidity code is available in GitHub.

  2. Several paper mockups. Paper mockups are great tools to test the Minimum Viable Product proposed by a project. Focusing on our three target users (editors, authors and reviewers), we are developing a user interface to serve each of these users during their publishing user journeys. The mockups are going to be tested, and once validated, they are going to be developed into working code (Web App) linked to the Ethereum Distributed Autonomous Journal previously described.

Testing the Minimum Viable Product

We have developed two strategies to test our MVP.

Video campaign: a whiteboard animation

First, we are going to launch a video consisting of a whiteboard animation explaining the problems that scientific publication faces today and how our tool tries to solve them. We are going to measure the funneling of the conversions between the number of video views, the number of landing page visits, and the number of subscriptions to the project news.

Thus, with this video campign we aim to validate the proposal by obtaining a list of interested people who may be our future early adopters.

The script of the video can be found in our GitHub repository.

Paper Mock up: The three target user interfaces

Following the approach of fail cheap, fail often to learn as fast as possible, we are developing three mockups of the user interfaces of our product, one for each target user (authors, editors, and reviewers). This mockups are based in the user journeys of the user.

They are going to be tested and transformed iteratively with user feedback to finally be connected with the Ethereum contract of a Distributed Journal once validated.

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