HackNC Winner: Top 7 Hack, Best Myo Hack
HackNC project page: https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/hacknc-fall-2014/hacks/airchestrate

Airchestrate uses the Myo gesture control armband to coach both novice conductors as well as professional ones on how to effectively lead a group of musicians. The app uses haptic feedback to teach novices how to properly conduct music to the timing of the specific song. Using the accelerometer in the Myo, the application tracks the intensity of the user's conducting patterns, translating the amplitude of arm movements into louder or softer outputs of music. For experienced conductors, Airchestrate also displays visual representations of the music that they're actively manipulating with their hands. Color gradients in the background actively transform to represent the complex interactions between conductor and music, allowing users to craft vivid stories to audiences through both auditory and visual means.

The project was inspired by the personal musical experiences of team members as well as the concerning lack of education in the arts in US schools. Music education budgets are regularly slashed across the country, depriving millions of students of the life benefits of creating music. Airchestrate is an attempt to inspire young people to become involved with music by giving them a means in a more accessible way.

Airchestrate team members: Michael Richardson, Landon Paik, Eric Yi, Jimin Zheng

UI background image credits:
Erika, wallpaper2020.com
Taenggo, wallalay.com

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