All of the team members are, or at least, were some simple tenants that faced normal problems that most of us encounter while living in such buildings. The struggle of working hand in hand with the building administrator is awful, and we know that not everybody likes to meet with them in unfortunate moments, like when you're in the shower or such. The hard and awful process of paying your utility bills is another factor that made us work on this project, with the platform you can get rid of the mandatory meeting with the administrator and you can simply pay via credit card, keeping an eye on your monthly consumption.

What it does

AiAdministrator is a very diverse and simple platform that allows you manage your life as a tenant in an easier way. With our platform, you can check the usage of water, electricity and so on thanks to the interaction with the smart meter that is planned to be existent in each home in some years from now. You can easily pay your bills online and get rid of the possible awkward meetings with the building administrator.

Challenges we ran into

The time administration lacking from some of our team members brought us to the slight disorganization. We bumped head to head in some decisions as well, but we think that it's only good for our productivity and bringing diverse points of view to the table.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really glad that we could create a simple and nice looking interface which is easy to understand and with the special interaction between the smart meter and our platform.

What we learned

In this hackathon we learned that proper preparation prevents poor performance, and, of course, teamwork and organization is a key term.

What's next for AiAdministrator

Integrate more smart meters to automatize the process and also integrate an artificial intelligence system.

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