A desire to travel and see places off the beaten path -- places only locals would know about.

How it works

The app finds the user's current location and, based on that information, shows the nearest travel advisors who can provide help. Using the phone's data connection, instant messages can be sent between a tourist and an advisor, charged either on a by-message basis or by hourly basis (for a day, for example).

Challenges I ran into

There were difficulties supporting the Sintch SDKS for in app messaging and setting up the Android SDK on our computers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are quite proud that our app is currently fully functional and completes everything we set out for the app to complete.

What I learned

How to build a full Android App and implement third party APIs and SDKs on an Android App.

What's next for AdviseMe

Building the corresponding app for the travel advisors and solidifying the business plan for running this service.

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