Our inspiration comes from our love and interest in nature. Hundreds of new factories are built each year, millions of cars on the roads and billions of trees are cut down but only thousands of trees are planted each year. It was a great push for us to create AcTree.


411.29 ppm , that makes 0,04% of air particules, is the recent global concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, seeing the number of trees burned down in the Amazon and Australia and other places, it's less likely to get better. This percentage is increasing day after day, and in a few centuries every living creature will be in danger, unless we take action.

What it does

The idea of the project is to encourage people to plant trees in a virtual way and show them the impact of what they planted, then they can make it real. AcTree contains data provided by open and trusted sources. The website contains a map where we can display data and make the virtual planting, as well as graphs that show sensitized data. Our goal is to make people aware of the risks and the impact they can make. In fact, a user anywhere in the world can contribute in planting in any other country.

How we built it

We strated our project with a website and we will implement a phone app.

Challenges we ran into

  • We didn't have enough experience to add the option of donating or securely paying for the trees.
  • We didn't know the right trees to suggest to users

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The fact that associations are interested in our project and they are ready to partner with us.
  • The fact that people will gladly use our website.

What we learned

  • Working as a team.
  • Stay motivated even if the idea seems challenging, we had to continue and keep pushing through.

What's next for AcTree

  1. Secure our platform to implement transactions.
  2. Add mobile version.
  3. Gathering data about trees.
  4. Add prizes, points and badges to active users.
  5. Encouraging people watering trees.
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