we saw a really big problems of our city and the goverment sometimes wont realize what it is like the damage of the avenues and streets generate several problems to a city as Guadalajara.To name a few problems: the considerable increase of visual and air pollution, damage in the vehicles of the citizen and the possibility of traffic accidents besides late arrival for students and workers

What it does

Achtung app is a driver assistant, and report the non emergency issues to your city and country, as potholes bumps, illegal dumping, damage traffic lights, abandoned vehicles. View important alerts from participating local government municipal as well. Reports the precise location of potholes or other issues to the authorities. Recibe potholes and bumps alert before you go through over them. You can help your town keeping its communication channels in shape. The citizens use Achtung App to record potholes and bumps which are identified using the device's accelerometer and located using its GPS. The damage of street (potholes and bumps) are uploaded to the server for analysis.

How I built it

we pretend to create the aplication with android studio and collaboration with bluemix wich will help us to do a database so the people can access it through their phone´s gps so that the can upload warnings about potholes around the city.

Challenges I ran into

we strive to make awareness as citizen and invite them to help improving the way the goverment work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

helping our city would be the first thing we thought and to be able to participate in this contest it´s a really great thing to.

What I learned

we learn to work as a team a giving solutions to daily problems with the technology that is at everyone disposal

What's next for Achtung App

we would like to offer our aplication to outher cities as well as keep updating it with better and bigger utilities, we also want to port our aplication to outher devices and keep evolving it.

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