Accident Detection & Reporting Helmet

An innovation that can efficiently save thousands of lives


Every 5 minutes, a person dies in a road accident! Still the cases increase each year. These deaths have one thing in common, the victim is left to die on the road even though the hospitals and authorities are very near. People die even though they’re taken only 10-15 mins late. This is because the human brain can survive only 3-6 minutes without Oxygen, thus, taking the injured to the hospital quickly should be a priority. So we wanted to develop a device that can help connect the rescue departments and people much more by reporting the casualties fast, and hence improving the traffic alert system, saving thousands of lives.

What it does

We've researched and innovated a significant addition to the existing “protective-helmets,” that will automatically detect the accident, as well as report the accident’s location to the nearest police station through SMS. It also alerts the nearby people through an emergency buzzer.

How We built it

  1. Detection Mechanism - An Accelerometer, for detection of accidents by identifying the sudden change in the person’s position & acceleration and a GPS Module, to find out the location of the accident.

  2. Alerting Mechanism - A GSM Module, for messaging & alerting the authorities by providing the location of the accident and a Buzzer, so that nearby people can be gathered for quick help.

  3. Power Source - 9V Batteries have been used due to their longer duration of use & their efficiency.

  4. Code - The code is a very important part of our project, you can check it in the "try it out links" below.

  5. 3D Model - The 3D Model is a very important part of our project, we've made it in TinkerCAD. It gives you a brief idea of the model of the helmet you can check it in the "try it out links" below.

Challenges We ran into

We could not meet each other physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic and had to do all stuff online, which was challenging. Also we couldn't make a physical model of our project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learnt new technologies, worked with new sensors, devices and libraries, and made something genuinely helpful to society.

What We learned

We learned how to code, new libraries and integrate GSM, GPS modules. We also worked with some new devices we've never used before for example - GPS-NEO6M, Accelerometer - ADXL335, QuadB & GPRS-GSM SIM800L etc.

What's next for Accident Detection & Reporting Helmet

  1. Tech Plans - We’re planning to make it more compact. The buzzer intensity can be further developed as well. We are planning to implement the similar principle for other vehicles as well.

  2. Business Plans - Partnerships with helmet manufacturers, like TVS, Bajaj etc can be made or a new company can be formed for making these innovative helmets.

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