The thing is staying at home at this point of time is quite necessary at this point of global pandemic but as a teenager(I am 16 years old), I feel it to be very difficult to stay home as it has been 4 months since I last went out. At this point I thought of building something productive that keeps me engaged for a long time. It is actually fun to play with. Detects if people are present or if the camera is being covered. In either scenario, a signal to lock the firearm and stop it from firing is given. If the trigger is pulled while the gun is pointed at people, emergency services are notified via automated phone calls giving the exact location of the incident (from a GPS sensor). I usually have around 48 hours to create something from scratch and have it functional enough to present at the end of every hackathon. At the beginning of the vent, my team meets to dish out responsibilities, set sub-deadlines, and then start hacking.“The best way to learn is to do.” And Hackathon is a perfect chance to try new tech. I can fantasize all day about what else once program or app could and should do. Fact of the matter is though, all these add-ons take real time to implement. And even though the time limit is extreme for an event like this, that fact is still true in real life for any real life problem I would like to solve. Time is a limited resource.

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