Abstract Face Paintings are quite interesting and often Abstract faces give you something to think about and reflect on, deepening your understanding of yourself and others.

What it does

AR filter is an augmented reality filter to try changing your face into a abstract face art and have fun sharing with others. There are several face art options to try on by selecting the options and tapping on the screen makes the face changes colour . This filter is a fun and artistic face effect filter for instagram and facebook. Use this face-tracking and face filters to show your interest in abstract art and check out yourself as an abstract art.

How we built it

This face filter effect is built with spark ar and uses face tracking to track the face and change the face into the selected abstract art.

Challenges we ran into

Making abstract masks for the filter and adding color changing option to the filter

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a colour changing effect on the filter when the screen is tapped/

What we learned

-Abstract art thinking and making process -Understanding abstract art

  • AR face filter making

What's next for Abstract Face AR Filter

To add more options for the abstract face overlay and publish the filter.

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