People are either too busy or bored in Singapore. To tackle the problem of people not having things to do but constantly pulling down the screen on facebook, we decided to make a site for people to post interesting things in Singapore. Sort of like a pseudo stomp with less bullshit and more hipster and random stuff for entertainment.

Also, google searching for what to do when you're bored in Singapore would return a bunch of cliches. We aim to be the hipster branch of the press, believing that no computer generated algorithm will be able to look into what will be the hip thing tomorrow.

What it does

It's a way for people to share interesting things with people in Singapore and see other interesting things they could do with their dates, friends, family and other random stuff for entertainment.

  1. People would be able to filter first by location because travelling is super sian.

  2. Subsequent filters include:

  3. date

  4. popularity

  5. price (free, budget range)

  6. category by interest (outdoors, indoors, nightlife, sports, arts, music, etc.)

  7. exclusive discounts only with SuperSian (revenue)

  8. party size (couple, friends, family, single) single - we aim to include a feature that links individuals to potential interest groups that are going for the particular event. For those who are more introverted, an online chat room can match a buddy to the person and both can attend the event together.

  9. We have a random generator (of the day) that generates a random activity should you be super sian and do not want to make a decision

  10. We have a curated video and music section for all those who are just super sian of doing something phsyical and just don't know what new things to watch or listen to. On top of that, we are exploring a super sian chat room with curated (or not) topics as well.

How I built it

we tried using Had alot of problem uploading images within a SQL database and the site wouldn't look good without it. Concurrently we tried developing on ruby but content and site design wise, still isnt up to standard. So we decided to concurrently work on plan C to build the prototype using WordPress - albeit with reduced functionality.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up a server Setting up Setting up ruby Setting up heroku Collecting and deploying content A site built from scratch

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A very random destressing project that could be another hack itself: Managed to at least finish a prototype of the hack before the deadline.

What I learned

Practice before coming to a hackathon. Find a team with skillset similar to yours before coming to a hackathon. Bring a jacket.

What's next for 099 - SuperSianGoWhere

Start small first, with the prototype complete, we could continue to work on the web app version of the site.

Future developments for the idea:

  • personalizing and building an itinerary, able to combine activities to form a whole day schedule (it suggests activities nearby with no clashing of travel timings and activity timings)
  • include birthday venues (sweet 16s, 21st birthday), even hotels and food as well
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