We were inspired by the mobile game Monument Valley, how its simple, clean, isometric design made for a fantastic game.

What it does

Our game uses the Microsoft Hololens, which is a mixed reality game. The user puts the headset on, and sees the layout of the game as holographic projections. The object of the game is to beat the puzzle, and the player has to navigate to the top of the level.

How we built it

We used unity 3D and visual for the coding and programming; Maya, blender, illustrator, and Photoshop for the 3D modeling and graphic design.

Challenges we ran into

The coding was particularly difficult. Microsoft Hololens is a new technology, and using it for anything proved to be difficult as we had to learn to implement everything from scratch. 3D modeling and graphic design was very tedious, as we made sure that each detail was flawless.

What we learned

Microsoft Hololens is very amazing when used correctly but very frustrating at every other time.

What's next for 42

We want to polish up the fine details, and publish the game on the Windows store. After that, our team would still want to work together in order to create more Microsoft Hololens Games, as this technology seems to be the right step towards the future of gaming.

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