We design and develop a game to make people aware of climate change, we believe that we all can do something in daily life to improve the environment. One says about that if you are keeping doing the same thing about 30 days, this Hobbit will grow automatically. We want to make people care about the earth.

We develop this service to educate consumers about climate change. During this 30 days challenge, users will learn different single small tips that easy to achieve in the daily life in order to stop climate change. There is a say that if you are doing the same thing 30 days consistently, it will become part of your daily life routine automatically. We are using the game challenge and the inner social group comes with the real bonus to attract users. We believe the SNS, social impact, therefore we design the user to achieve single challenge after sharing the pic on social media with the automatically hashtags #30daysforclimatechange everyday. However, once people finish one step will open the next step for next day, and after finish the 30 challenges will open the next stage and the reward bonus. In the future we will cooperate with local business to discuss the discount or exchanging for the reward system.

So far we show the web version, but we are planing to build the hybrid app to make users easier to participate.

The main idea is educate and grow the habit of stopping climate change in the dairly life and spread this idea widely and globally.

Q: What problem does it try to solve? A: Motivate people to act for climate change in an entertaining way. Also, the app can educate people about what to do for climate change. The app can show the example actions what you can do without a huge effort.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the project idea? A: SNS hashtags like #100daysof*, #30daysofs*. It's about doing something for 30 days or 100 days, or any other durations. There's a lot of various challenges on Twitter, Instagram.

Q: What is your stack? Windows, Flask.

Q: What language did you program it? A: Python

Q: Which part was the most difficult to implement and why? A: The most challenging part was idea creation. At first, we had an idea that the app can record your daily challenge and share your photos of the challenges on SNS so that you can join the #30daysofforclimatechange community on SNS. But, after talking with mentors, we found we need to make the app more fun and appealing for users. So we added gaming features like map, points, stage unlock system, to make the app entertaining.

Q: What are the next steps to complete the project? A: Make a mobile app. Think about what we can use the points for. For example, purchasing costumes for custom user avatar, exchanging with real-world products, etc. (edited)

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