Our inspiration is that people our age could stop trying to stay fit. Our generation is active right now. However, time and jobs threaten our physical fitness and force us to lose everything that we worked toward in our early years. This is a problem that we wanted to face. We thought about our parents and how they continually say that their jobs restrict their time to work out. We thought about apps that have become popular with health features, such as Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go incentives teenagers out of the house for competition. We know that everyone wants prizes. We realized that if we got people to walk to local businesses during lunch breaks, it could help their physical health.

We are incentives people to get out and get walking by rewarding with money. Our application will include geofences, step trackers, & directions to local businesses.

Challenges we ran into : We originally started with a website but ran into complications : -Couldn’t run in the background -Complicated code -Choppy user interface We looked into developing a mobile application using Android Studio : -An unexpected learning curve, but turned out to be much more simple as time went on -The application has a cleaner user interface than previous attempts -Extra functionality (debugging, more editor tools, access to sensors)

We are proud of our application for the following reasons : -Easy user interface -Including directions to local businesses -When the user walks to their destination, they receive rewards from our application -Ability to find stride sizes and average step heights due to imported libraries with a height formula

We have learned a lot. We programmed a lot in Android Studio. Our experience lead us to learn new programs and programming techniques. Our team ended up working well. We accomplish a lot and had an outcome of a mobile application that everyone on the team is proud of.

Our program will continue to evolve and add new functionality. We would need to talk to local businesses near us to gain awareness about our application. This would help us expand.

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