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Health19 - the Initiative to beat the virus! My Son Matteo & me invented an app idea to get the possibility to test the population very quick & effective. The idea is simple & the realisation done in a few days. The people register themselves & answer simple questions about travel, predeceases & symptoms, after self diagnosis they get a first early result based on their assessment. A test kit will be send according to early result via express or per mail. Afterwards the person will make the test, e.g. via throat swap, connect via bar code the test to the app & send it back to the laboratory. The tester in the laboratory will update the final result for the person in the app and get in additional a SMS.

What we need:

  • Developer for the app (SAP/Uniper), based on UI/5 Java Script
  • A free SAP Cloud Platform Account & enough capacity to save, in case of the whole world, 7 billion data records
  • Microsoft Azure , Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud for free Cloud capacities
  • Amazon to build the logistics of sending the tests (to people & back to laboratory)
  • Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, Samsung, Huawei to distribute the app & use of mandadory
  • Support of WHO, in Germany RKI, EU & local governments

Please help & comment your support

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