Right now, Germany has some of the most wide-spread testing data available compared to other countries. Due to the high amount of testing, even in mild cases, we have some of the lowest mortality rates compared to other countries, where mostly hospitalized people are tested and thus impact the statistics. Unfortunately, as the development of the pandemic continues, Germany won't be able to continue this wide-spread testing, since people with mild or very mild cases of Covid-19 will likely stay indoors and rest instead of going somewhere to get tested. This will highly impact the mortality statistics and will let the virus appear more deadly over time, since less severe cases will be under-represented.

Our goal is to create a very simple platform on which people can easily and anonymously enter their overall health data using a simple questionnaire (asking for specific Covid-19 symptoms, such as fever, dry cough, trouble breathing etc. and also allowing for healthy people to enter a lack of symptoms). After submitting their status, they will have access to a real-time map of their area with updated data from all available data-pools.

What it does

There are already examples of websites and apps asking for people to enter their current symptoms. Typically, these are limited by the number of people finding the app and entering their health status. We plan to combat this problem with two major points:

  1. Making the questionnaire a necessity to access the overview-map of their local area will provide an incentive to enter their data.
  2. Making the questionnaire simple enough that most people will complete it to access the map afterwards. Also, the questionnaire will contain an option for healthy people, so we will gather overall statistics on healthy vs. sick users

Users will be prompted to fill the questionnaire in regular time intervals to gather time series data. Still it is very important to keep the data anonymous that people do not worry about entering their data.

How we built it

Our current goal is to advance the prototype that one of the team members already implemented. Is is based on a webpage and already includes an optional questionnaire, that suffers from too sparse data at the moment.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We need to balance between our need for information from the user and their need for privacy
  2. geographical data quickly exceeds typical acceptable download sizes for a web application
  3. ZIP areas do not correspond to community areas or respect Landkreis borders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Our team members quickly organized themselves into workgroups
  2. We added more granular spatial layers, at the ZIP level and community level with local statistics
  3. We made the app more accessible by allowing to enter location via ZIP code instead of GPS
  4. We discussed the questionnaire and optimized it for ease of use

What we learned

What's next for 152_dunkelziffer

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