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0Games is a peer-to-peer 0% fee CD Keys crypto-marketplace. You probably heard of or, these are CD Keys marketplaces where sellers can sell Steam CD Keys. These platforms are very popular with millions of visitors per month. However they take up to 30% fee! 0Games is here to lower that fee to zero.

I started working on 0Games a few months ago for the PayId hackathon and won the second place for my integration of PayId with 0Games on the ripple Testnet. I am now submitting 0Games Evolution, the next evolution of the platform which integrates with the Harmony Mainnet.

To use 0Games, start by registering an account. You will need to enter an Harmony One Address. This will create a PayID account for you at associated with your address. Now choose a game on sale, for instance the Random Steam Key and you will see the list of sellers. Notice their respective PayIDs. Click buy. You can see the details of the transaction to make. Notice that this is a direct payment from you to the seller, the transaction does not even go through zero games, guaranteeing that no fee is taken. However 0Games is able to track the transactions history of the seller, providing the buyer with the key only if the transaction is successful. Let's go ahead and open the Harmony wallet and complete the payment.

Now, back on 0games, click "Check transaction status". If your transaction was successful, you will immediately receive your Steam Key. As stated earlier, 0Games Evolution is deployed on the Harmony main net, meaning every purchase is for real and the keys are actual Steam Keys. Open Steam and go to "Activate a product on Steam". Enter the key and you should now be able to download and install the game.

Finally, if you have keys you want to sell, click Sell you key, and enter your key and a price. You key will now be listed for sell.

0games is fully functional but there are still many features to be develop such as leaving a review on the seller after a purchase to prevent scams, or doing a KYC of the sellers to prevent money laundering. With your help, I hope to make 0Games the next G2A or Gamivo!

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