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What it does

0Games is a project I always wanted to create but never had the occasion to do so. Thanks to the PayId hackathon, I have been able to develop that idea over the past few weeks. 0Games is a peer-to-peer game keys marketplace with 0% fee. Game key marketplaces like or take a huge fee (up to 30%) from users selling their game keys, in addition to regular transaction fees such as Paypal (5%) or Credit Cards (3%). Using XRP, the transaction fee is close to null, and the marketplace itself takes 0% fee (Remuneration will later be implemented by using ads, featured games promotion or additional side services, but the selling fee will always be 0%) making the price of game keys very attractive to potential buyers.

How I built it

I built the project using React in the frontend and Node for the backend, both in Typescript. Each user that registers on the website has a XRP testnet address automatically created for him with 1,000 XRP assigned to it for test purposes. A corresponding PayID address is also created on e.g. a user registering with the username "HellWorld" would automatically get the PayID helloworld$ linked to his XRP address. The PayID is then used to buy and sell cd keys between users. When you click on a game image, you can see the list of sellers and their corresponding PayID. When clicking "Buy with PayID", the backend will use the Xpring SDK to fetch the XRP address corresponding to the seller PayID and trigger the transaction from the buyer to the seller. If the transaction successful, the marketplace then displays your purchased game key. You can use this key to activate and download your game on Steam. Additionally, the platform shows the transaction hash with a link to to verify the transaction.

What's next for 0Games

0Games can only be used with the XRP testnet for now as it still need a lot of work to be production-ready and be fully secured. I will also need to develop additional features like rating sellers, posting reviews, etc... My goal is to continue to develop it and go live on the XRP main net by the end of the year.

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