What it does

The app intelligently detects your activities with the support of TRNQL sdk and detects and improves your sleep for sleep sound mode , wakes you up if you fall asleep in one of your travels when you are near to your destination and also turns your phone to silent mode to the places where you choose your phone to be silent .

Sleep Sound Sleep Sound turns off music for you if you are asleep and miss out on stopping music . Analysis is done on user's movements and a decision is made based on samples collected for a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour from the time the mode has been turned on . The time intervals can be customized from settings menu . If maximum time has been reached , music is turned off . The two main advantages of the mode being reducing damage to user's ears and also significantly reduce battery usage on cellphones .

Wake me up Wake me up lets you add a destination when you are traveling in a public transport system . We will notify you when the destination is a certain distance away from your current location and you can sleep peacefully without the fear of losing the destination . The user will be notified a maximum of 4 times or atleast once based on the preference set by him . You can also choose the distance of notification intervals which range from 5km to 100km from the destination .

Silentify Silentify lets you add places identified where you wish your device to be silent . It could be a church , your office or a hospital or any other place where you wish your device to disturb you now and then . Add any place and we turn the mode on when you are within 2 km from the place , the distance can be chosen by the user from the settings menu . What's more you don\'t even need to turn off the mode , we switch to general mode when you are out of that place .

How I built it

Use TRNQL sdk for detecting location and do all location related tasks . The sleep detection algorithm is mentioned here .

Challenges I ran into

The location tracking service for wake me up mode had to be perfected inch by inch , since the algorithm needs to run and check for a considerably longer time , with edge cases like device unable to get location via gps or network connectivity , and the device being restarted or going into flight mode , various hacks had to be done to make sure the service produces best results , it still needs some shaping up for perfection , but from the results we hear , it has proved useful for more than 90% use - cases . Silentify has worked like a charm , being able to toggle silent mode when a user enters or leaves a place .

Things I have learned

Autocomplete , Location , android services , TRNQL sdk . The only way we could perfect the product is to go out into the market , get reviews and feedback from our potential users , test out the app ourselves and deliver excellent results .

Accomplishments I am proud of

Sleep sound and silentify have given excellent results when testing and the tricky wake me up mode even has given near perfect results , moreover complete control is given to the user in various ways . For instance the user gets to decide the minimum time and maximum time during which the sleep detection algorithm has to be run , the number of wake up calls he needs for an approaching destination and also the proximity to the silent zones where he wishes the phone to go on a DND mode .

What's next for Zzz...

Released on playstore ..ios app code pushed to git, will submit to the app store soon . Need to work on any fixes / improvements / additions based on user response .

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