Our automated system will unintrusively continue to collect data on clients as they transition out of homelessness through a simple, automatic voice and text system.

We utilize the latest machine learning algorithms to analyze complex clients data so you don't have to. Our easy grading scale makes it easy to direct your resources.

Our CoC interface is intuitive to learn with built in efficiency boosters. Spend less resources on administrative overhead and more on helping clients!


As clients transition out of a shelter, there is currently not a good way to keep in touch and ensure their continued success, or provide a safe landing if they need to transition back.

What it does

We built a simple, automatic daily phone call that asks clients if they have a place to sleep. If they say no, it helps them find the nearest shelter that fits their criteria. If yes, it asks a random survey question which helps us determine the client's future likeliness to need shelter, so we can proactively help them avoid falling back into homelessness.

How we built it

Over the course of 2 exciting, sleepless days! Ruby on Rails, Twilio, and Neural network machine learning for survey analysis

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