Big inspiration credit to YouTuber: @MaestroZiikos

What it does

Think about an advanced version of The Mad Libs. But instead of filling words into a story, we fills words into an hit song, composed by Donald Trumps meme. The whole point is make the process as fun as possible.

How we built it

First, we scratch UI and core functionality prototypes, an epoch as we refined our idea. Then we separate to take charge of each part of the project. Finally, we collaborate to deal with difficulties and aggregate each part into the final draft.

Challenges we ran into

Auto-pitch-analysis and auto-pitch-elevation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Auto-pitch-analysis and auto-pitch-elevation.

What we learned

A LOOOOT about swift and apple api(AVKit, audio kit)

What's next for zzKaraoke

More songs in library. Establishes an algorithm that allows machine to generated questions for words.

Built With

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