We all were inspired by one of the keynote speakers at DubHacks, James Whitaker. James acc

Immediately after we all broke out to get rooms and start coding we sat down to go over the idea we had already thought of for this Hackathon and realized it was very flawed. So there we were, back to the drawing board. We waisted about 3 hours trying to brainstorm in a very inefficient way. Suddenly as if by a miracle one of our team mates mentioned that we should just makes an app that will help us brainstorm and track our brainstorming more efficiently. And BOOM there it was Zydeco was born!

What it does

Zydeco is a smart brainstorming tool that uses IBM Watson's concept that basically index's Wikipedia based on queries and returns relevant data. In our case we just populate our bubble visualization with the amount of relevancy a specific query has. Watson's concept API also returns other relevant data by allowing people

How I built it

Watson's concept API D3.js Html CSS

Challenges I ran into

  • d3 = ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of We are really proud of our overall result of this app. This is something can be used in a variety of use cases like in schools, Art, Hackathons, etc. And getting to work with Watson is as close as we can get with working with a supercomputer.

What we learned

We learned more about d3 and IBM Watson.

What's next for Zydeco the Ideabox

What we plan next for Zydeco is leveraging Watson to connect the dots between ideas and location then map out the most popular ideas per location. Also we plan to have Zydeco keep track of your most efficient places of brainstorming based on location, time, day, etc. +++

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