When people meet at events like Hackathons or other events, one of our major goals is to keep up with them and build strong connections. However, with the abundance of social media platforms and different user preferences, it's usually hard to get the tone right from set go.

What it does

With Zwapp, we give you the ability to connect with everyone you meet through one convenient platform from the set go.

How we built it

We built the app using iOS's new language Swift, Firebase as Backend and Twilio API to provide basic functionality to our app.

Challenges we ran into

We were working with our app in one direction until Saturday night, when we completely revamped our plan and built this refreshed version of Zwapp from the set go. We struggled to connect Twilio and Firebase to our app to provide a streamlined experience

What we learned

We learned a lot as we struggled our way through making Zwapp. We learned how to connect Twilio's APIs to connect our iOS application to a new form of telecommunication.

What's next for Zwapp

In future, we would plan to give Zwapp a better shape in terms of its product viability. A better User Interface and a feature rich app will be up for grabs.

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