Inspired by the nice community movement.

What it does

  1. The user lands on the registration form, where multiple categories of people can register.
  2. This form helps the company to understand the user base and their inputs/requirements.
  3. There is also an admin part of the application, where the admins can create or see the events.
  4. This application can also be used to facilitate volunteer check-in at the events.

How I built it

  • iOS Tools and expertise - Xcode 11, Swift 5, iOS 13
  • Database Mongo DB on Atlas
  • Frontend Reactjs,CSS3
  • Backend Spring Boot
  • Deployment Docker, AWS

Challenges I ran into

Due to current iOS and Swift SDK releases, there are several third-party frameworks that haven't updated their projects for which, the custom UI components had to be created manually along with the network managers. There were a lot of features that was provided in the MVP, This took extra effort from our side as we developed this in under a day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The MVP was built keeping in mind the most required features for the NPO like managing volunteers, sending out mails about registration. Information about every event added to all volunteers and accepting confirmation. The payment application on iOs bring convenience to the finger tips of the donors. The NPO wanted receipt generation for donors to help them with their tax filings.

What I learned

We learned a lot about a NPO mindsets and a way in which we can create effective solutions for them. This also gives us an overview of the requirements people might have , where we can possibly extend the same solution to multiple NGOs.

What's next for Zuri Circle

The MVP will be used as the base for a better application, The PDFs and email have to be set right templates and payment integration and application whitelisting by Paypal to enable real payments. The NPO has to provide aws subscription and domain for application hosting.

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