Transfer a wonderful journey.

I am a travel lover. Today, I came to the famous mountain city Chongqing.

After I reached Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, I logged in to get my routine to Xinhua Hotel: Take Metro Line 3 then transfer to Line 2. After I got off the subway, I followed the instruction from which told me to get out from the Exit D and I arrived at hotel easily.

After having some rest in the hotel, I took a walk downstairs on the prosperous JiefangBei road and walked to Hongyadong Folk Style Area. When it was getting dark, I went to my uncle's home for dinner as planned. His house was in Jiangyucheng Secnery Time. I used to search ways to get there, the scheme remind me to cross the road and turn left to get to the bus stop. After one hour bus riding, I rent a bike as the scheme reminded me and reached my uncle's home in several minutes. I had delicious Chongqing hotpot. Time passed quickly, I got back to the hotel taking the night bus informed by

The next day, I took the long-distance bus to the Dazu Rock Carvings to have sightseeing under the guidelines offered by After that, I went to Southwest University of Political Science to visit a friend, he showed me around their beautiful school. Then we went to the Haoyue Building together. What I had to mention was that we first took the subway then we changed to bus, finally we tried a new transport—Yangtze ropeway.

I visited many interests in Chongqing in the following days, and I had the route back to Guangzhou through I appreciated for the help provided me which made my journey wonderful.

Introduction of—An advanced query tool solving travel problems in Chongqing

Brief Introduction

Product Description: is an advanced query engine for public transport interchanges which is based on Geography Information System. It is combined with various public transports such as bus, subway, ferry, passenger cars, trains, high-speed rail, aircraft, cable (cable car), boats, taxis, bicycles, peak lanes and so on which provides people with accurate travel routes. Even in cities like Chongqing which has a complex terrain, can easily solve travel problems and improve the efficiency of travel.

Access Method:

Open with mobile browser.

To Whom:

Applicable to people aged from 10 to 70 years old with simple operation.

Operating Environment:

Android, IOS and other mainstream systems.

Product Functions

Key words: Accurate, Seamless Transfer, Detailed Guidelines, Intelligent

  1. Path can be queried according to the starting point and destination.
  2. Departure time and travel preferences can be set.
  3. Several methods are provided. Seamless transfer among bus, taxi, subway, ferry, bicycle, cable and lift (lift is also a kind of public transport in Chongqing) is realized.
  4. Accurate walking guidelines of get-on, get-off and transfer points are provided through electronic maps.
  5. In the scheme, important reminders are provided when you get on, get off or transfer to another transport, such as the right direction, where to cross the road and which is the most suitable exit of the subway station.
  6. Detailed information of each bus and subway can be referred to.
  7. The impact of terrain and rivers are considered when a route scheme is made. For example, from Wanguo Mansion to Central Mountain Park, the direct line is only 500 meters. However, 3000 meters will be taken when travel from one place to another.
  8. Travel guidelines are also available from Chongqing to other cities. There is a seamless transfer among flight, train, high-speed, long-distance passenger car.

To combine with Ford’s OpenXC

One day in the future, I drive a Ford car installed with OpenXC to go to a meeting which will be held in 30 minutes. When I am about 6.5 kilometers from my destination, a platform combined OpenXC with big data shows me that there is a serious accident 2.5 kilometers in front of the only way. The traffic will not recover in an hour. The intelligent car suggests me to park my car in a parking lot 500 meters ahead of me and turn to take the subway. Finally, I arrive at the meeting room 5 minutes earlier.

A statement of using Baidu Map

For a better display of the walking guidelines in get-on, get-off and transfer points, we used the map of Baidu which is an open source resource. Application in accordance with and comply with its provisions, please check the following websites to see the terms of use:

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