For a long time banks and other financial services providers have been working in the same traditional way of making money on customers’ mistakes and inadequacies. This has proved to be not only inconvenient and poor in quality but also irritatingly expensive to the customers.

Zuckup is a new, fast and secure way to transfer money to your facebook friends using your mobile. It’s easy and fun to make quick payments to your buddies through sms, email or face-to-face using bump technology.

Zuckup offers you a platform to transfer money the way we live today. The world is inherently growing mobile and social. Zuckup believes that the world needs a better social and mobile way to transact.

Using internet you can connect to any of your facebook friends, or use their email id or their phone number to make a quick transaction. It’s even easier to do this just by bumping your cellphones (using NFC Technology) to give you an enriched personal payment experience.

Zuckup effectively leverages your facebook connections to gives you a frictionless mobile banking experience. For merchants, Zuckup provides a secure payment gateway, merchant account, recurring billing and credit card storage, as well as industry-leading customer service and an easy-to-integrate API. Zuckup operates internationally, and allows merchants in numerous countries across the globe to exchange payments in more than 40 currencies.

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