As college students, one of the most common yet annoying issues we run into on a nearly daily basis is ride organization. Who's driving? When is everyone leaving? There are so many logistical issues to be answered and it seems nearly impossible to do within the setting of a group chat. Zuber solves that issue - with one-click, event organizers can see guest lists, receive sign ups, and split drivers and passengers into 'Pools'.

What it does

Zuber is a ride organization app where event organizers can create event links for passengers and drivers to sign up. Our goal is to streamline the problem of transportation logistics for organizations, associations, and events. Organizers can easily set up and share events with one-click and participants can see event details and sign up in a friendly, easy-to-use interface. Our logistics algorithm pairs up drivers and passengers in the most optimal and efficient way possible, and facilitate communication by automatically creating group SMS for participants after pools are assigned.

How we built it

React, ChakraUI, Node, Express, NoSQL

Built With

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