I decided at PennApps X I would spend my time not doing what I already know (some front-end / graphic design) but to try and learn a bit of the middle and back of the skeleton I usually provide skins for.

With that in mind I picked up Javascript and tried to learn how to use APIs with jquery, Python and PHP. Although I didn't manage to get very far as I didn't decide on this project until halfway through the Hackathon, I do feel as though I managed to learn quite a bit about the new technologies I sought to research more on.

The result was the early prototype of ZStream, a "fast and easy" video sharing web application for anyone and everyone to use.

The concept:

  • Build a video stream viewing web application based off of the Ziggeo API that allows the user to easily record, tag and instantly upload videos
  • Allow users to search for videos that share the same tag with the Ziggeo API that is from the same "Application" in Ziggeo
  • Organize videos into channels using a database that organizes video tokens and tag information and groups them accordingly, allowing new users to easily browse through video categories they take interest in

Unfinished features:

  • Tag functionality : the tags have not yet been connected with the video being recorded and pushed to the Ziggeo server - however they are recorded into an array which will be pushed out along with the video to the server
  • Search functionality : the tag element of videos have not yet been connected with the search function being called upon - however the javascript is mostly in place to accept the input
  • Channel functionality : I wasn't able to learn MySQL or MongoDB in time to meet this ambition


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