We understand that it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to create a savings. Now that you have saved, wouldn’t you want an app that will help you grow your savings? zSavings is your answer.

zSavings, is a mobile application that allows financial institutions to pitch their products to consumers who are willing to maximize their savings for a guaranteed return. The application helps the consumer maximize his savings by matching it with potential offers from banks and other institutions based on the consumer’s risk appetite and investment duration.

zSavings is really simple; a consumer decides the investment amount, the term of his investment and his risk appetite, zSavings then goes to work and matches the request with potential offers from various financial institutions that have been pre-screened and provide maximum yield for the investment. It also allows financial institutions to provide tailor-made solutions, which are then notified to the consumer. Once the consumer has reviewed the offers made by the potential Bankers, the consumer will be able to invest their savings in the best offer made and at the same time have the satisfaction of having guaranteed returns.

The consumer doesn’t have to spend hours of his valuable time researching products from various financial institutions. zSavings helps you save more with the money you have already saved.

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