Many members of our group had similar problems about locating bathrooms that fit our needs like gender-inclusivity and availability of free period products. Frustrated by the lack of any existing services, we decided to make our own maps interface for bathrooms.

What it does

Zotty Potty shows a map of UCI and all its bathrooms. It allows users to filter for their individual needs and distance from their location. After using the bathroom, they can rate bathrooms and indicate whether or not period products are still available. Ratings are averaged into a searchable criterion.

How we built it

We built Zotty Potty as a web application using HTML, CSS and Javascript for the frontend and Django for the backend. Bathrooms are stored in a SQLite database. For maps, we used the Leaflet.js API, and for geolocation, we used the Geolocation API.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us had little or no experience with the tools we were using. Django, SQL, HMTL, and Javascript were new to a lot of us, and some of us were unfamiliar with Git and Github. The most difficult part of this project was interaction between all the different tools. Referencing Django data from Javascript and HTML, for example, was a thorn in our backs the whole way through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were surprised with how quickly we were able to get a working model. We're really happy with how the map turned out and are honestly surprised that anything works. We are also proud of how little we had to shave off of our initial vision: most features that we initially came up with were implemented.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Git and how to create a robust and functional website with an efficient backend and frontend. On a less technical note, we learned the value of getting a good night's sleep before coding.

What's next for Zotty Potty

We want to take user-generated input a step farther by allowing users to create their own bathrooms and approve each others' submissions like the editing of Wikipedia articles. We want to include more specific information on period products, such as whether a bathroom contains pads, tampons, or both. Also, we totally cheaped out on the distance calculation and assumed a flat Earth instead of doing the ICS 45C Haversine shenanigans.

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