As hacker, we often forget to take breaks which ends up with us burning out. Therefore, we created a Pomodoro Clock website to allow us to keep track of our session times and breaks.

What it does

The clock has two modes, a working session and a break. The user can adjust the default times for both. Once the session clock hits 0, the clock will automatically start counting down from the break timer.

How we built it

This a frontend application. We used React, Javascript and CSS

Challenges we ran into

Originally, we had planned to create a website that implemented the Spotify API. However, we had trouble getting the authorization to work, since none of us had worked with login before. As we were running out of time, we decided to switch projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to learn basic webdev and create our first website.

What we learned

All of us had no experience with any web development. So, we were able to learn the basics of javascript and css

What's next for ZotPomodoro

We plan to implement a to-do list on under the timer in order for the user to keep track of their tasks. We would also like to implement the Spotify API and allow the user to play music while using the timer

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