No one wants to make their own playlists, but everyone wants to listen to their favorite songs.

What it does

This application creates a personalized playlist from a user's most played songs.

How we built it

Used React in conjunction with spotipy's python api to create a user's playlist.

Challenges we ran into

Gaining access to Spotify's API. Obtaining a user token required a user to input redirect links for a token prompt. Additionally, we had issues combining the front and backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually getting everything to work.

What we learned

How to incorporate front-end with back-end development. None of us had any experience before this hackathon, but we created a web-app.

What's next for Zotify

Integrating Genius' api to display lyrics for the songs in the playlist. Making ease of use better.

Built With

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