Petr drops are the heart of UCI culture.

What it does

ZotDrops allows Petr droppers to aggregate their Petr drops to make the process of collecting Petr stickers easier for students! This data is managed by an admin, and then is displayed on the home page od ZotDrops. The home page displays a map of the UCI campus displays the location of the Petr drop (right before the drop), as well as the time of the drop and the type of Petr sticker. The home page also displays a list of upcoming dates of Petr drops.

How we built it

We built ZotDrops using React, Javascript, CSS, and Leaflet for the front-end, and Python, Flask, MongoDB, and CORS for the back-end. Leaflet was used to develop the interactive ZotDrops map!

Challenges we ran into

Combining the back-end and front-end because originally both teams worked with pseudo-data, so integrating the two parts with real data was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all bonded as a team even though we didn't know each other until this morning. Also, Caroline beat Danny at WordHunt.

What we learned

We learned React, CSS, and Javascript, with no prior experience before today. We also created Figma mock-ups to brainstorm the user interface, which was also a new experience for some members of our team.

What's next for ZotDrops

A next step for ZotDrops would be implementing a user account system so that Petr droppers can register for Petr drops themselves, as opposed to the admin account updating the website.

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