UC Irvine pride. Peter inspires us everyday so we wanted to show our appreciation.

What it does

Anteater version of Cookie Clicker. Players can progress through various levels by increasing their Zots per Second.

How we built it

Utilizing scrum methodology and harnessing the power of friendship. Of Teamwork. Synergy. We capitalized on each individual's strengths and therefore, had no weaknesses.

Challenges we ran into

Teammate disbanded midway through production. Difficulty integrating all the various technologies. Overcoming constant starvation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seamlessly integrated music and graphical interface to our application. Many features that enhance the game experience.

What we learned

Teamwork. Friendship. Agile Methodology. React JS.

What's next for Zot Clicker

Multi-platform support. Utilize block-chain technology. Money making with freeware.

Built With

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