After an eventful career of approximately 20 years in print, broadcast media, TV entertainment world and film industry, in year 2015 I took a leap to work for peace advocacy, development and Human Rights. For this I started online media platforms to impart knowledge and information regarding the key areas. These online platform includes three websites of different categories.

1. Zordar TImes

As Punjabi word Zordar means hard-hitting; with the spirit to provide hard hitting content through our we started working in two major India languages Punjabi and Hindi with the target to provide detailed analyses about the contemporary political,social and cultural situation which can ultimately help to achieve our goals of peace advocacy, development and Human Rights. Along with that we worked on bursting the myths and creating a content in above languages to counter fake news spread across the various social media apps. As 130,000,000 million Punjabi speaking people live across the globe and contributing their skills in the development of their communities wherever they are, we tried to provide them the best information to help them achieve their goals.

In this time of pandemic we are trying to create original content in Punjabi and Hindi language to provide real and factual information to local community. We are also creating robust content to counter fake news and information regarding Corona-COVID19. We are communicating this information through our online media platforms and using the maximum potential of social media Facebook, Whatsapp, Intstagram and Youtube to spread this information in local language to local communities living at the ground level. We are building an ecosystem to counter fake news and information in our local languages to mitigate panic in our communities.

We are also looking forward to dedicate this platform to publish Corona literature to help the researcher.

2. Just Panjabi

With the URL we started an entertainment platform catering to the needs of Punjabi audience around the globe. Published in English language it provides information and reviews about latest entertainment content produced in Punjabi language around the global including films, TV content, theater, music videos and live events. We particularly promote and popularize the entertainment content which is embedded with the messages for our primary goal of peace advocacy, development and Human Rights.

  1. Lafzan Da Pul This means a A bride of words, is a digital platform publishing original creative writing and literature in Punjabi language from poetry, short-stories, essays and articles to reviews. We use multimedia to connect the tradition of creative writing to the new way of life based on digital media. We focus on the content which aligns with our goals of peace advocacy, development and Human Rights. Apart from sharing classics on the platform we give platform to budding talents who are creating the content on above subjects to get them published and to reach the broader audience.


The biggest challenge was to keep running the domain and creating the content. For this I need basic finances. For this I started working as a freelance journalist and whatever I am earning I am putting everything in this project. Recently, I started working as Guest Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Historic Khalsa College, Amritsar, Punjab, India to earn some extra resources to accelerate my project. I have done in-depth research in the field of communication, Journalism as an academic subject and a profession along with promoting the new technology as a tool for the growth and conservation of regional languages and dialects. So that maximum use of technologies can be made possible for communities living across the globe. That will ultimately help to promote peace and freedom of expression along with asserting human rights and equality in development.

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