We were inspired by the trouble it takes to manage all your Zoom links for each classes, and having to find them every time class is about to start.

What it does

ZoomBot allows you to add your classes' Zoom links to the Discord bot, and use one command to retrieve all of the links for your classes, making sure you'll never miss a Zoom class again!

How we built it

We built this bot using JavaScript + Discord.js + Node.js

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with persistently storing the data of each user, so that the list of classes would not be reset in the event that the bot went offline for a moment. We resolved this challenge by using a separate json file to store the data for the class lists.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to get a fully functioning MVP done and even had time for persistent storage.

What we learned

We learned how to work together as a team and collaborate using git.

What's next for ZoomBot

If we had extra time we would have created a notification system to alert you when your next class is about to start.

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