Animals are popular amongst kids. Sustainability is a popular topic amongst parents. ZooMania marries both well-sought interests together. This is a unique opportunity for Migros to not only improve its image but also influence children's sustainable behavior towards society, what will result in a better future generation.

What it does

People are generally interested in sustainable products, however, the shopping experience is not designed in a way to encourage such actions. ZooMania makes sustainable purchases easier and more fun - by nudging consumers toward more sustainable alternatives. Kids can collect digital animals when they make their parents buy more sustainable products through ZooMania. The more their parents buy sustainable products, the more rare animals the kids will get, which they can use to collect or to trade. In a gamified way, everyone contributes to a more sustainable society, leaving the environment in better shape in the future. In the beginning, users answer some questions regarding their sustainability goals. We suggest products to help them meet those goals.

How we built it

After brainstorming one and deciding on the topic, we split the task in frontend, backend, design and storytelling, so everyone had something to work on. After creating an initial design, we simultaneously started to work on the technology and creating the design and UX. In the end we merged them together in a very collaborative way. It was a lot of fun!

Challenges we ran into

We got kicked out by the security guy for shooting a scene at Migros.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team was working very efficiently together, even though they barely know each other before. The demo video turned out to be really entertaining while communicating the benefits of the prototype in an clear way. We managed to develop a working prototype.

What we learned

New ways to animate a prototype.

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