Discord bots and the lack of features available in a zoom chat.

What it does

Enables users to pass commands into zoom chat and help hosts manage the meeting in an easy and intuitive fashion.

How we built it

The bot runs on a Selenium webdriver and can be controlled via a React based front end connected through a flask backend.

Challenges we ran into

Working with selenium and zoom present many challenges we didn't expect. It was also a task to send data to and from the frontend to perform various bot commands.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making a fully functional MVP that can perform some basic tasks of a chat bot but for a zoom meeting (which does not natively support chat bots).

What we learned

We learnt a lot about browser automation with Selenium and managing cookie storage. We also strengthened our understanding of CRUD operations while abstracting the front end and back end for a complex project.

What's next for Zoom Chat Bot

Possibly releasing a packaged version with user profile management to make life easier for those who regularly host zoom meetings (be it for business or studies). We would also like to expand the functionality to further emulate the range and versatility of a Discord bot.

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