I'm a student and at this phase of time, we are having online classes. I don't like to copy the password every single time to join a class neither I can learn all those hard automated passwords. So, I decided to create a bot that will store my classes ID and password later I give it a GUI form and with pyautogui module, I was able to automate my pc to join my class automatically within a single click. It saves a lot of time.

What it does

It's a python software which will join your classes in a single. Just click the join button on the left side of the subject and it will automatically join your meeting.

How we built it

I built it using python. With Tkinter I built GUI and pyautogui helps to operate the pc automatically.

Challenges we ran into

I joined the hackathon at the ending point so It was hella difficult for me to complete the project, but in the end, I am submitting it on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tkinter was new for me and I love learning. Secondly, I'm proud that I completed this awesome project.

What we learned

I learned many new things related to python, especially the Tkinter module or how to create GUI with python.

What's next for Zoom Bot Application

I wanna improve the UI/UX and I want to add more platforms currently, it only works on windows. And there are many ideas for this project.

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