Inspiration :

  • Opensea, Thetan Arena, Rarible

What it does :

  1. Mint your ERC-721 tokens
  2. Gift the NFT to Someone Else
  3. Buy and Sell Your NFT Product
  4. Search your NFT Product
  5. Create your own NFTs with our ZooHarmony Drawing Beta
  6. Verified your Aurora NFT Address
  7. Report and Block NFT Product
  8. Edit Your Profile
  9. Stake and Swap Aurora with ZooHarmony / ZOO
  10. And more • All of your data is stored on IPFS and the Aurora Blockchain with our ZooHarmony Contracts.

How we built it :

  • Improves the functionality of NFTs by giving them a real use case within Aurora & ZooHarmony

Challenges we ran into :

  • Aurora : 1. Build an NFT marketplace 2. ERC20-Factory

What's next for ZooHarmony :

  • Build NFT Gameplay, Target 10k daily active users in 2022

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