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This is an Inter-agency deconfliction application that creates a simple, secure, yet profoundly effective centralized deconfliction portal for distributing counter-poaching efforts. This web application allows users to submit a location and topic that they will be focusing on in an upcoming operation. If another user submits info about an operation that matches an existing one, they will receive a notice to contact the first user so that they can either share their information or prevent interfering with each other's efforts.

The focus of this application is security. User accounts are managed by the program administrator so that only authorized agents are able to log in. When a match is found with two operations, only the bare minimum data is sent back to the user: the contact info for the first user, no information about their operation. Once the operation has finished (determined by a date given by the user), all records of the operation are removed from the database so that historical records cannot be used by nefarious parties or rogue users.

The application also has language support, allowing users from different countries to be able to use the application more easily.


react, mysql, node, passport.js, bcrypt


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