We love programming also it is really inspirational for any one to help poor animals that are being killed on daily bases for just trading with their skins and this destroys the environment so this was an enough inspiration for us

What it does

Raise awareness so that people stop destroying wild life. And people can report abusers or even donate to help organizations that help in making wild life better

How we built it

Back-end: Node.js - Express.js - MongoDB Front-end: HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the database with the rest of the website was a challenge for us and deploying the data base online using heroku and Mongo Atlas was also a hard challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really happy because we were always cooperating and we accomplished our goal in the specified time

What we learned

In the past we usually worked while being in the same place but due to Covid19 circumstances we were forced to work remotely we mainly used git/github and we are really glad it went so well.

What's next for Zoo-Hackathon-project

We want to deploy our project on a bigger scope and we want to start thinking about other problems so that we can try to find a solution for them

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