Initially, we wanted to create an application that allows friends to hide messages for each other around a city. We ended up with an application that allows users to submit events that are only visible to friends within 1 km radius of the event point.

How it works

Users are able to post a new event with a message or get all events in their area. Events can be public, published to everyone, or private, published only to your friends. The application uses geolocation to mark the place, where the message was sent from, on the map.

Challenges we ran into

That was the first time our team used Swift to make a full-native iOS application. Moreover we were able to practice Node.js.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Writing our first application in Swift.

What we learned

Mobile development, writing APIs.

What's next for Zone

Gain business owners to publish their special offers in-place. Release to AppStore. Develop an Android application. Integration with the most popular social networking websites. Splitting events into categories. Feedback and live-feed from friends.

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