ZomLand is an interactive P2E NFT collectable game with exciting gameplay and a lot of funs. You take on leader's role of the army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world and achieve your goals.

What it does

You can:

  • Collect NFT Cards: Lands, Zombies and Monsters but main our goal is to build really fun game, not just collection of NFTs.
  • Mint Zombies from your Lands each day (based on Land size).
  • Assemble collection of 10 Zombies to get Monster (strong and cool zombie).
  • Earn ZML token by killing your Zombies.
  • Stake ZML and use it in future game features.

That's why we already have full vision for "coming soon updates":

  • Battle Arena: players can fight using Monster and Zombies cards and earn in-app token ZML.
  • Lands discovery: with ability to find some goods or caught by hunters (random generated event).

How we built it

We start from idea, describe it in our whitepaper and stark work on ZomLand.

Challenges we ran into

  • Combine logic for different NFTs.
  • Get random values for zombie characteristics.
  • Implement staking.
  • Mint multiple NFTs in one transaction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It will be interesting gameplay.
  • Collections can be extended by smart-contract owner.
  • Randomness and different logical combinations for Lands/Zombies and Monsters.

What we learned

  • How to write smart-contracts with NFT and FT.
  • How "staking math" works.
  • How to manage gas and create optimised smart contracts.

What's next for ZomLand

  1. Launch production.
  2. Finish internal Market.
  3. Finish Lands discovery.
  4. Finish Battle Arena.
  5. DAO using ZML.
  6. Cross blockchain implementation.

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