We have always been a fan of Zombie apocalyptic movies. So, we decided to go through a third person zombie shooting game with multi level bosses on process.

During the start of the project we looked for different assets for the map level and choose characters for our gameplay. We have gone through different tutorials to figure out the AI based controlling system and interaction of main character. We made blueprint like -

  • Character => Health ,Interaction with object to pickup, Reloading, opening and closing of door, close melee fight.
  • Zombie => walking path, targeting character, damage.
  • As per boss => animation was took from paragon assets
  • Built main menu and restart function
  • Made ground textures and added fog and light
  • Particle system for shooting.
  • Used sequencer for capturing walkthrough and trigger box for making cutscene. As for sounds=>
  • Used gunshot sounds and zombie sound While going through our project we faced problems like integrating Behavior tree which controls Zombie's attack movement and targeting character. During the start of the project we doubted if we could finish the project in time as we faced problem for retargeting the animations , rigging and bone structure of character , random spawn of enemies.

While making our project we learned about working of behavior tree , assembling character meshes and rigging , project migration , sequencer .

We will be continuing our project for Developing different level maps , power-up bosses and different gun packs , adding character inventory , adding Niagara effects and adding chaos engine .

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