The land of bhoodevi was inhabited by hooligans one wont believe. Alcoholism and drugs were a way of life. Any holy men or women were not just disrespected, but made to exile into the remotest of the himalayan mountains. They prayed still, believed still, that vishnu, the creator had his intentions in making them who they are and bhrama would preserve them, in any conditions, but fates had something else written for them, it was the DESTROYER who had his eyes on them. Just when they thought God was consenting to help them, he gave them the power to be GOD. The holligans were cursed, the village was destroyed, and that was when they realised the curse had gone wrong, the villagers had turned to zombies, and they wont let go easy. The GODS fight to not only save there lives but to save there pride. Enter the journey to the himalayan hills with us and feel the chill in Bhoodevi with village , city and jungle terrains in this one of its kind FPS where the Gods fight the dead, Play with plenty of fire power and magic to defeat the endless zombie army of Bhoodevi. And this time its not a picture perfect, this time its not blissful, this time is UNEARTHLY.

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